Makerly’s Debut

Happy 2013 everyone! In an attempt to kick off the new year on the right foot, I have started Makerly. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an Information Science Ph.D. student at Cornell, where for the past year or so, I have been doing research on 3D printing technology. I’ve become very interested in the communities of people who have been using 3D printing and other technologies such as the prototyping platforms like Arduino to create imaginative, innovative and at times spectacular projects.

The idea for this blog has been around for some time, although I had some trouble figuring out exactly what to to focus on in. Part of me wanted to have a blog for the simple purpose of being able to catalog and organize my thoughts around the academic research I’ve been doing on 3D printing and the Maker community. Another part of me wanted to share interesting DIY projects (mine and those of others), events and experiences that I’ve had. In the end I decided that I shouldn’t limit myself to one or the other- so what you’ll see here is a smattering and eventually a smorgasbord of what I hope will be really fun, thought-provoking posts on the art of making- the process, the technology and materials and the communities which form around certain types of making.


Funky LED protoype from Make Week

Just a little additional background about myself- I’m a maker at heart too. Before I went back to school to pursue a Ph.D., I started an all-natural, gluten-free baked goods company with my mom, called Cupoladua Oven. I have always loved baking- there is something super satisfying and completely magical about taking raw ingredients and turning them into something deliciously scrumptious that everyone can enjoy. I don’t profess to be extremely artistic, but I do consider myself a dabbler of crafts and an amateur seamstress (i.e. the occasional homemade Christmas tree ornament, felt pillows for the couch, simple summer frocks etc.).

So in summary, this will be a space where I get to reconcile all the different aspects of my interests in making- whether those be academic or personal in nature. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the art of making and what types of DIY projects you or the people around you have been working on.



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